Need to sell homes? Content marketing worked for this firm. And fast.

A top real estate marketing firm in one of the largest markets in the U.S. realized its disparate approach to digital marketing wasn't successful for a large residential planned community (500 homes). So the firm turned to Fronetics Real Estate to create and execute a sophisticated, comprehensive content marketing strategy.

It didn't take long to see results. In just 90 days, the firm realized significant gains in web traffic, social media engagement, brand exposure, and — most importantly — sales.

Key results:

  • 37% increase in sales
  • 88% increase in inquiries
  • 248% increase in web traffic
  • 894% increase in social media-generated web traffic
  • 873% increase in Facebook engagement
  • 1,320% increase in Twitter engagement 

Download the case study to learn how FRE's content strategy turned marketing this large residential property around. 

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